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Grades 5 - 8
Carolina Conference Music Festival - Spring 2013

The eight students of Mr. Acker's upper grade classroom at Five Oaks Adventist Christian School joined almost 300 other middle school students from nineteen Carolina Conference schools at Mount Pisgah Academy on April 24-26th, 2013 for the Carolina Conference Music Festival.

Five Oaks students spent several weeks learning the six songs that the Festival Choir would sing before heading for Mount Pisgah Academy. They took part in 3 rehearsal sessions per day and performed at a special program in the Academy Church Sanctuary. The Festival Bell Choir and Band also performed. Besides praising the Lord through songs and improving their musical skills, students participated in recreational and worship activities and were treated to tasty vegetarian meals at the academy cafeteria. Five Oaks students, their teacher and sponsor hope to participate in next year's Music Festival in the Brass Bell Choir if they can reach the skill level needed to take part. ~By Anne Plaisted